We were almost “Blumewagen.”

I was sitting outside with a glass of wine one evening when I decided my career as an IT Project Manager wasn’t really for me.  I thought back to the summer before, when I visited a flower truck in Nashville and fell in love. It was in that moment I thought “Tulsa can support something like this.”  On a mission to bring this dream to Tulsa, I thought finding my own little Volkswagen truck would be difficult, but sure enough one sat for sale about 3 miles away (Gretel)!!  She seemed to be waiting for me, glass of wine and all.  I knew I wanted her at that very moment, and since the day she became mine, the dream was alive.

Now we’re Gas Petal – a name that pays tribute to Route 66 and Tulsa’s petroleum heritage.  Together, Gretel and I hope to bring you a bit of joy and whimsy.  I don’t call myself a florist or event planner, I don’t call myself a graphic artist or lettering guru, and I’m certainly not a photographer or writer – but I LOVE dabbling in each of these areas.  Now, I get to use those passions and skills to create and design with beautiful flowers.

Thanks for visiting us online and in-person. We hope to see you again soon!



Hey Y’all,

I was born in Hanover, Germany in 1970.  My first home was in Shreveport, LA on an Air Force base with a pilot.  Upon retiring from service, that nice pilot moved us to Lone Wolf, Oklahoma where I spent my days roaming dusty red roads with feed bags full of grain.  Around 1983, that pilot must’ve found him a new truck ’cause I waited for him in a barn for 35 years.  Finally a nice feller named Jon pulled me back outside and gave me a new ticker.  Then my girl Chelsea came along, gave me a nice spa day complete with new threads and some much needed essentials.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever return to the workforce but I’ve already seen so many neat places and haulin’ petals sure beats haulin’ grain!





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