Personality Pencil Pack

Personality Pencil Pack

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Color Bookworm

Each themed set of pencils help set your style from the tip of the graphite to the non-smear eraser. Find Inspiration to achieve at your fingertips or simply jot notes about your favorite novel for book club.

Goal Getter pencil phrases : Decide. Commit. Succeed., Dream Big. Set Goals., You Got This, Go For It, Passion Never Fails, Be Fabulous, Live More. Worry Less., and Raise the Bar Higher.

Bookworm pencil phrases: The More You Know, To Be Read, Just One More Chapter, I'd Rather Be Reading, Book Hangover, Stop and Smell the Books, Page One, Poetry and Prose.

Additional Details : Set of 8 Unsharpened Pencils, Hand Foil Stamped, Non-Smear White Erasers, No. 2 Graphite Cedar