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Gretel’s Story

2020-12-04T03:20:31-06:00By |Gas Petal|

Gretel's Story Our truck is a 1970 Volkswagen Single Cab Transporter, and since every ship deserves a name, we call her Gretel.  Due to import tariffs in the '60s and [...]

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My Why

2020-12-04T03:14:43-06:00By |Gas Petal|

My Why What happened was… We’ve all been there.  Your patio on one of those clear summer nights, glass of wine in your hand and “what if” on your [...]

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Grand Opening

2020-12-04T03:20:44-06:00By |Gas Petal|

2020 is a Jerk So the truck is purchased, the name is set and Gretel is outfitted with everything needed to be an official flower truck. Everything is seemingly [...]